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The Benefits to Eating Healthy

The world seems to be obsessed with food nowadays. So many varieties of foods are readily available to anyone at the click of a mouse that it can be a little overwhelming at times. My goal is to express the benefits of eating healthy and how it should be a priority in your life. It’s not as hard as you think so long as you are dedicated to being the best YOU possible. That includes being particular about what goes into your body.

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Think about this…..a vehicle needs gas and regular maintenance to perform at its max potential. Correct? Maintained properly it will run till it just can’t anymore. Well, if you decide to not do the regular maintenance, randomly changing the oil, or put diesel in the tank of your car, how long do you think that vehicle is going to last?

If a person continues to eat whatever is available (your fuel) and not be any type of activity, how long do you think they will last? Something to ponder. I plan to live to see 100! I am now 45 and in the best shape ever; that is the benefits of eating healthy.

Eating healthier, exercising and just being more active gives your body, mind, and spirit the energy needed to enjoy living, not just live. We should live life to our full human potential! Don’t you think so? What you eat is a fundamental staple of your being. Just think, within six to eight hours after consumption whatever you have put into your body for food becomes YOU.

Benefits of Eating Healthy
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Within this article I would like to encourage and inform anyone new to Vegetarianism or researching a more plant-based lifestyle is for you.

Vegetarian – Benefits of Eating Healthy

Benefits of Eating Healthy
Shrimp Pasta

Well, now I am not actually a vegetarian. The practice of being a true vegetarian involves not eating ANY flesh. No meat what-so-ever. It is a pretty restrictive diet and many beginners have difficulty keeping on that path. I have found there are different forms of Vegetarianism, one form is Pescetarian which is what I would consider myself if I had to identify with anything; this includes eating fish and other seafood.

This would probably be the easiest of the path. It is less restrictive and as for me, I love seafood so that would have been something very difficult for me to give up. Enjoying a more plant-based diet doesn’t mean cutting out everything and suffering through the cravings of wanting something other than plants for protein.

An Easy Weight-loss Diet – Healthy Eating

Taking meat, processed foods, and sugary drinks like soda out of your diet is more than half the battle. The other half is combining your healthier eating habits with regular exercise. That doesn’t mean you have to run around on a treadmill constantly, it just means stay active. You can go walking, biking, do yoga or just meditate. When I switched to a mainly based diet I went from 145 lbs to now 125 lbs in a matter of months along with regular light exercise. I can meditate longer and deeper; Now I am so much calmer.

Benefits of Eating Healthy
Veggie Delight

Eating more plant-based foods high in protein, fiber, iron, and potassium improves digestion, fights against heart disease, lowers blood pressure, and hypertension. Fresh and organic whole grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, beans, and legumes help with every aspect of a balanced diet and an easy way to weight loss.

We can process these types of foods through our system within a matter of 6-8 hours vs. 24-72 hours with red or processed meat and foods. Imagine a diet which gives you a higher rate of absorption for your food, that means more energy to burn, in other words, a higher metabolism which is needed to lose weight.

To Eat Meat or To Not Eat Meat? That is the question. Right?

Benefits of Eating Healthy

The National Cancer Institute recognizes meat that is cooked at a high-temperature release chemical causing changes and mutations to healthy DNA cells. Red and processed meats are considered fairly unhealthy and associated with colon cancer and heart disease.

Farmed animals used for food are regularly injected with growth hormones to produce more meat and antibiotics in order to ward off any infections. You are what you eat is a very true statement. When you eat an apple, do you become an apple? When you eat beef, do you become a cow? No, you do not, those elements become a part of you. You must also remember what goes into the bloodstream and body of the animal traces of it also goes into your body once you have consumed the meat.

The Switch

Benefits of Eating Healthy
150 lbs. Pre-Diabetic

When I stopped eating meat it was not super easy, being of Asian descent it wasn’t super hard either (Asian diet is mostly fresh foods anyway). I still craved my fried catfish, sirloin steak, and pork chops just to name a few favorites. I slipped a couple of times and when I did I noticed the difference in how my body responded. My body responded very differently after eating red meat or any processed foods.

After meat consumption I got the famous meat sweats (did not enjoy those), then the sluggish, sleepy feeling (energy…GONE), my face broke out (nothing like zits at age 45), and I don’t even want to get into the digestive aspect. Human beings were not designed to eat meat, our teeth are evidence of that.

Our teeth were not made for ripping flesh and our digestive tract is too long. This the reason for the 24-72 hour window needed for meat/ processed foods to pass. We are not wolves or lions, we are human beings and our teeth resemble those of a plant-eating mammal.

No More Meat

After not eating red meat, poultry or processed foods for a period of time I became less stressed, more energetic, a lot calmer and relaxed. My thoughts are clearer, and I am so much lighter. I began eating healthier about 4 years ago but still consumed meat.

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It’s been close to a year since I went to a plant-based diet and only eat open water seafood. I have not had a cold or sniffle and have not needed to see a doctor about anything other than a routine check-up in the last few years.

Benefits of Eating Healthy
Benefits of Eating Healthy

Will I ever tell anyone to stop eating meat because I did? NOPE. This is a lifestyle choice, not just a diet, you have to make that decision for yourself and for your own reasons, just as I did. The benefits of eating healthy will only benefit those who are actively choosing better foods for themselves and loved ones.

The “Go-To” Food List for Beginners

Benefits of Eating Healthy

For those who are considering a more plant-based diet here are a few “go-to” foods that have become a staple in my diet.

Some of my top vegetables that are high in protein:

Some of my top nuts and grains which are a good source of calories, fiber, and potassium

  1. Lima Beans
  2. Mushrooms (Button)
  3. Spinach
  4. Sweet corn
  5. Broccoli
  1. Whole Wheat
  2. Oatmeal
  3. Quinoa
  4. Almonds
  5. Peanuts
  6. Flaxseed
Gaiam Yoga

Some of the healthiest open water fish include:

Benefits of Eating Healthy
Fresh Seafood
  1. Albacore Tuna
  2. Swordfish
  3. Wild Caught Salmon
  4. Shell Fish


A Lifestyle Change

Benefits of Eating Healthy
No More Meat

We are the most advanced, well-equipped, and intelligent creatures on this planet. We are also the most destructive, not only to the planet but also to ourselves. No other creature on this Earth has the health issues humans have from their choice of foods.

Our society has gotten away from eating what’s good for us and has begun to eat what’s available. The price of organic fresh foods cost more and aren’t as readily available as McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s easier, more convenient and less expensive to grab a combo meal than to go to the grocery store or farmer’s market for fresh organic greens, fruits, and snacks.  The benefits of eating healthy kinda go out the window in favor of quick and convenient.

We are the most awesome beings on this planet. Our bodies can do miraculous things if you take care of it properly. Like my dad once told me about my car… if you maintain it properly it will last till the bottom falls out or the wheels roll-off. Now I am the same way about this body and hope you will feel the same about yours.

As I have mentioned before, this can be an easy weight loss diet but for it to continue the health benefits it needs to be a lifestyle change. I am sure the phrase “lifestyle change” may sound scary to some and possibly exciting to others, it just depends on where you are on the scale of life. Are you ready for a change that will greatly benefit your life in the most positive ways and for the long-term? It’s your choice.

In upcoming posts, I will expand on the benefits of eating healthy by adding easy vegetarian recipes that are inexpensive and quick to make.

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4 thoughts on “The Benefits to Eating Healthy

  1. Diamond Hemp
  2. Eating healthy food is a necessity for everyone that wants to maintain a healthy living. I am not a vegetarian, because it restricts one a lot from different varieties of food, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it is not good, but Pescetarian sounds more appealing to me.

    In my own opinion, everything should be in moderation, as each of the six classes of food has vital roles they play in our well-being.

    I love spinach, sweet corn and peanuts. I have really learnt a lot about plant-based diet reading this article. Thanks you for the wonderful post.

    1. I do not consider myself a vegetarian. Being half Asian my diet has always consisted of mostly veggies and fruits. I’ve never been a big meat eater but I love seafood. I am just not cool knowing it will take at least 3 days for red meat to digest so I’m basically sitting there with rotting meat in my intestines, LOL.

      Everything in moderation is a good way to go, that’s the staple for any diet. 

      Life is short, enjoy what you enjoy! 🙂 

      Thank you for the comment!  

  3. Hi Cole,

    Quite informative article. 

    I like the analogy with the engine. And thinking about it, seems right. If we want the engine working, we need good quality fuel and invest in maintenance.  

    I am not a vegetarian but, I have times when,  literally, I crave food without meat. Could be this a sign? 

    I am East European and I grew up with home-cooked food. I don’t eat fast-food or supermarket ready meals. Still, I noticed the sluggishness you mentioned. My energy levels are higher when I have fruits and vegetables smoothies instead of usual lunch.

    May be I should start to dig a bit more about vegetarianism. I mean pescetarianism (I didn’t know about this term). I quite like fish and sea-food.  

    I am aware about the benefits of eating healthy, I am not a totally ignorant. What I find a bit intimidating is the switch to a  healthy life-style. 

    I must find a way to get into the right mindset. And, may be, one day I’ll become a PESCETARIAN. I like the word.

    Wish me luck, Cole!

    Best Wishes,


    1. Hi Keti! Thank you for reading!

       I never considered myself vegetarian, I wasn’t ever big on red meat or chicken but love seafood, fruits, and veggies. All organic and only freshwater seafood. I’m glad you stay away from junk food. that’s just bad all around. 

      I would definitely say that craving meals without meat at times could be a sign. The most important thing I’ve learned is to know YOU and listen to YOU. Only you know what makes your body feel at it’s best and only you can make it feel that way all the time. I used to always crave meatless meals or just seafood only. that’s kinda how I got started, just listening to ME, my inner me. 

      It wasn’t overnight. It took me a while to completely undo a lot of bad eating habits. That’s exactly what they are habits and any habit can be formed or broken in about 21 days of either constantly doing something or completely stopping doing something.

      Thanks so much for the comment! 

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