Freelancing Equals Real Freedom

Freelancing does not mean working for free but for real freedom and working for a fee that you set, or you agree upon when accepting an assignment or a job. It is a form of self-employment valued by those with an entrepreneurial spirit to work remotely from home or anywhere in the world.

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Freelancing is a side hustle, a gig, or a job allowing you to work part-time, full-time, whenever you want, or as a contractor. Working freelance gives real freedom for greater independence, permits flexible hours, and is all about you and your skill sets. It allows you to work from home or from anywhere in the world.

There isn’t a start-up cost like most home-based businesses. All you need are your skills, determination, a solid work ethic, a desire to take your future into your own hands, internet, and a computer.

Let’s Get Started on your Independence

Getting started can take some time. You will need to have a business plan which includes figuring out what you want to do or what your skills entail. Do you want to write? Market, PR, Social Manager? Web design? Be a virtual assistant or professional? Or maybe Bookkeeping? Come up with what services you want to offer, what industry you would like to service, and a niche within that industry you have an interest.

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Your next step will be to market your brand; your brand is YOU and the skills you are offering. A good place to start is LinkedIn, update your profile to include your freelancing abilities and experience, my profile can be found at www.linkedin/in/shareecole.

If you do not have a profile on LinkedIn, you should create one. The site is easy to navigate and so is creating a profile for yourself. Another great avenue to market yourself is a website or blog. This is a great way to showcase your abilities as I have here at for my skills in website content writing. This website was my start to freelancing freedom.

Your website illustrates your talents, tells who you are, displays your portfolio of work you have done, the services you provide, and testimonials of your work from clients. Add a portfolio page outlining the services you provide, the rates you charge (optional), and a way to contact you via email or a dedicated business phone line. Connect your LinkedIn profile to your site and your site to your LinkedIn profile.

Find A Hosting Site for Your WebSite

This is where your real freedom begins. If you have never built a website it will be wise to have a website hosting site. I am not a tech and building a website was a scary undertaking. I found a hosting site that works great for me and does what I need it to do called Wealthy Affiliates. This platform is designed to help you build your site, teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and give you the tools to jump-start your launch of a successful site.

There are many platforms out there, the trick is finding the ones that are not a scam. That can take a lot of research and a lot of money. Using Wealthy Affiliates basic service package is free (Starter Membership) which will give you a feel for what is to come once you become a Primary Member. If you are serious about your site, you will find out the basic package will not do.

Wealthy Affiliate is more of an online business university for the Premium members. You receive full access to the video training programs, 24/7 site support, a dedicated coach to answer your questions, step-by-step tutorial on building your site, and a forum for general questions. The site allows you to do everything you need in one place.

Wealthy Affiliate – Your Path to Liberty

Wealthy Affiliate offers a fully integrated domain platform capable of managing all your domains. The site domain is $13.99 per year with zero upsells; everything is included: full access to email, privacy and domain protection, and email accounts. You have access to live chat, get a personal blog, capable of hosting and managing 50 websites maintained by one site. You receive premium training courses, unlimited keyword lists and searches, live video training, an expert forum, full access to website analysis, site management, ranking, Site Rubix
plus a free SSL, and security features.

Premium services are $49 a month, $19 to start if you join within the first 7 days of joining the program and you can cancel at any time. They also offer a yearly amount of $359 and you save a total of $205 in total.

The platform offers a step by step training video on how to build a site and a one-stop-shop for web hosting, domains, how to create content, how to build your audience, and promoting on social sites.

My Story

I have used Wealthy Affiliate for a year now and I have no complaints. Being a newbie to the website building world I need the support they give me. I have updated something that I shouldn’t have, and the site stopped working. My site has disappeared because of something else I did and couldn’t figure out how to get it back. Through all my panics Wealthy Affiliate’s support team was right there, putting everything back in its rightful place within 24 hrs.

The Wealthy Affiliate hosting site will run a mirror of your website if for any reason it goes down; this is called double hosting. It is a way for your website to always stay running even if you can’t get to it. You will not lose any information or must start over once the support team recovers it. I love these features! Start building your future TODAY, Click Here!

Freelancing Freedom-Find My Clients

There are several paths to finding freelancing work that will introduce you to real freedom once you have decided your target industry. A good place to start is your social media networks. As I mentioned before LinkedIn is a great jumping point where you can connect to professionals around the world. Another place is Facebook where everyone resides as well as Instagram and Twitter; create an account if you do not have one and stay active.

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Comment on what interests you. Make them insightful, thoughtful, and informative. Don’t just comment “great post”, tell them why you feel it is great, insert your ideas, or give other resources that can help. Be open to others commenting on your thoughts and interact with them.

Promote (YOU) Self-Determination 

Research your target market hangouts and learn as much as possible. Find out where those businesses go to find the employees, to socialize online, or get support. Be the go-to resource; be available to help with questions and introduce ideas. Again, stay active! Become an expert in that industry or niche and build your brand (YOU) as a trustworthy resource.

Join an association within your industry or niche. For example, I am an HR professional and a member of SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). My strengths are employee relations, change management, communication, and conflict resolutions.

I know about this industry and can give ideas and solutions to posts pertaining to Human Resources. I use the resources available to me to help others in an informative and intelligent manner, therefore, elevating my brand getting me closer to the freelancing freedom I seek. Professional sites like SHRM offer excellent networking opportunities and contain job listing in that field.

Freelancing is Real Freedom

There are a few good sites which target certain skill sets. These sites offer a wide range of freelance opportunities in different industries needing help. Sites such as Toptal for programmers or Blogging Pro for writers are great places to start your search. There are sites like FlexJobs for remote positions catering to those who are looking for full-time or part-time employment containing 100% remote, partially remote, contract, and telecommute jobs. 

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A lot of these sites are free to join but to get the full benefits you will need to pay a membership fee. Be sure the site you join is one that caters to the sort of skills you possess and has the type of clientele you want.

Working on your time doing what you love is real freedom.

Freelancing Independence Takes Time

Take your time and find what platform works for you and your needs. Do the research for your industry and/or niche then look for outlets that best fits what you are trying to accomplish….Real Freedom. When you’re just starting out do not get discouraged if the income or the work is not steady. The pay for beginners will be lower than more experienced freelancers until you build trust with clients.

Becoming a freelancer is real freedom but not an overnight success. It takes time, focus, dedication, excellent organizational skills, and diligence to your craft to build a full-time and long-term income. The most important this remember is to build your brand (YOU).

To hire my skills just give me shout! Contact me at or send me a message on any of my social sites for pricing.

As a freelance writer, I have the privilege of creating blogs and website content for other sites. You can contact me via my social media sites listed below for more information on blog and website content for your site. Share your thoughts about this post in the comments.

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  1. Diamond Hemp
  2. Freelancing truly equals freedom because I ditched my former job to become a freelancer. One thing I find really fascinating about your post, however, is the fact that one can make use of wealthy affiliate to create a website as a portfolio. I have never thought of that even though I am a member of wealthy affiliate. It’s really interesting. I think I should give that a try now. Thank you for the information.

  3. Self-promotion is integral to any success being recorded in any freelancing and I am sure that everything included in this post is great for me. Thanks so much for this article and I must say that I found it very insightful on the ways to explore the use of my writing prowess. The top-notch article you have written up here. Thanks

  4. Marley Spoon
  5. Thank you for another great article Sharee. I like the green background, it really makes the article have good energy. Yes, freelancing definitely equals real freedom. When you do freelancing, you can make your own hours and you don’t have any limit on how much you can earn. As you said, it just takes time to build your portfolio and get a name for your business.

    I am just a beginner at making money online so I appreciate your expertise on the subject. Have a good day.

  6.  A friend of mine told me about freelancing but I never thought to give it a try yet but I’m happy to confirm that it really works. And I can really be free from the job I’m in right now. I can set a particular fee too. I like the idea of creating a website to showcase myself and show people as a portfolio. That’s really good. Thank you for these tips you have put together here. I’ll make use of them. Cheers!

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