Health Benefits – Natural CBD Oil Review

There are many medical uses of this amazing oil. CBD oil also known as Cannabidiol has been around since the 1940s. Recently in 2018 researchers discovered the use of this oil has positive effects for people suffering from anxiety, depression, cognition, joint pain, cancer, and arthritis.

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CBD oil will reduce the agonizing effects of chronic pain by reducing inflammation and interacting with neural transmitters.

Non-Addictive & Legal

CBD oil

Natural CBD oil is a non-addictive marijuana extract that is available in 30 states where medical and or recreational use is legal. Natural CBD oil is a great alternative to pharmaceutical drugs which has more side-effects that create other health issues possibly worse than the issue you are treating.

CBD hemp oils and other products made from industrial hemp are legal within all the United States so long as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC.

Pharmaceutical vs Natural CBD Oil

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When I say non-addictive it means there are no withdrawals and you don’t have to take it. Pharmaceutical drugs are very addictive. They cause more health issues and are seriously addictive. But if you don’t take the drugs the doctors push on you how else will the industry make money?? CBD oil naturally reacts with your body and is non-intoxicating. There is no need to wing yourself off of this oil. You can stop cold turkey anytime.

The psychoactive portion of cannabis or “high” feeling associated with smoking marijuana is (9-tetrahydrocannabinol) also called THC is very low in the hemp plant therefore devoid of psychoactive effect.

My Experience

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My husband had chronic hip issues and serious pain from pouring concrete (Finisher) since he was 13 years old; a job he loves by the way. The doctor wanted to replace both hips and put him on pain pills. This meant he would no longer be able to work (NOT an option) and would be on prescription drugs forever.

When a person is in pain their attitude and mood changes, activity levels go down, they have bouts of depression and irritation all of which affected the relationship negatively.

We turned to a natural lifestyle of eating which led us to find a natural pain product that worked.

Introduction To Natural CBD Oil

I began my search online to find out about natural pain relievers and ran across an ad for a free trial offer of CBD oil. I did my research and found a few companies, Medix CBD Oil, Natural X CBD Oil, and Diamond CBD Oil. There is an awsome trial offer of Natural X CBD oil where you can try it before buying it at full price.

Natural X CBD Oil

  • 15 Minute Absorption
  • The Highest Absorption Rates in the Industry
  • Clean, Healthy, Organic Hemp
  • Full-Spectrum Top-Quality Hemp CBD
  • NOT Addictive and NO Psychedelic Drug Effects.
  • Available in All 50 of the United States
  • Save By Purchasing Today w/ Their Special Pricing
  • (30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
CBD oil

Natural X CBD Oil is running a promotion for a limited time offer of 64% off of their retail price of $99.99 for a 30-day supply which is a good buy especially since they also offer a 30-day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Medix CBD Oil

At Medix, they want to change the way people view natural medicine. People should know that harsh chemicals don’t have to be the answer. Their products are also legal across all fifty states and USA-made.

Studies suggest that CBD benefits can occur when used as a natural medicine for treating various health conditions. Cannabidiol is a natural alternative for medical marijuana patients that are not keen on feeling the psychoactive effects of marijuana or if they do not like inhaling smoke.

Medix has a variety of products, all include 99.9% pure CBD.


Diamond CBD Oil 

  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • 15-day return policy and free shipping on retail orders over $100 in the continental USA.
  • Made in the USA
  • All Diamond CBD products contain 0.3% or less of THC

Manufacturer of hemp-based CBD oils, CBD vape oil, CBD edibles, CBD gummies, CBD creams, and more.

CBD oil

A Natural Medical Alternative

We found a product unlike any other we had tried before. After taking the oil it had almost immediate effects. It seemed to have worked internally. The hubby’s attitude changed. He was able to move around with less effort than before. He is sleeping through the night and turned his pain into a slight ache.

Medix CBD Delicous CBD Gummies

We found something that worked without the harsh side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

If you are looking for a healthy and effective alternative to medical drugs, CBD is your answer. I would recommend doing your research on the different forms of CBD and try out what works best for you. Most CBD companies sell more than just oils. There are also edibles and gummies to try. Not everyone can stomach the texture of swallowing actual oil.

Benefits Are Worth The Buy

The starting price is $100 a bottle for 250 mg of CBD oil with prices varying depending upon the size of bottle or type of product. The purchase is definitely worth it!

This oil works wonders!

The benefits of CBD oil help with a wide range of disorders such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression, among other issues.

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I’ve seen it firsthand!

CBD oil

Have you ever thought of using CBD oils? Share in the comments

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19 thoughts on “Health Benefits – Natural CBD Oil Review

  1. Diamond Hemp
  2. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. CBD oil has been known everywhere for it’s good work on joint pain, inflammation and other health benefits. I also have the experience around me from people who tends to use it for the benefits of their healthy living.  CBD oil now serves as income opportunity for both farmers and drugs company. Your review is an eye opener. Best regards 

  3. This post is very interesting and highly educative,. My aunt once told me about Natural CBD oil but she only gave a brief information of cbd oil,  going through your post has fully educated me on what  it is all about. I never knew it is that effective. I should give it a try,the $100 is quiet reasonable and affordable for it functions. Thanks so much Cole for the helpful write up. As a pregnant woman ,can I still make use of it? Thanks you once again as I await a response.

    1. It’s been reported that many women use CBD oil during pregnancy in order to reduce nausea. I would suggest speaking with your provider before purchase. They should be able to give you an informed answer. 

  4. Marley Spoon
  5. The health benefits of CBD oil can never be underemphasized. Before now, I researched on the CBD oil and i find this article in resonance with my research so far. CBD oil is truly a pain reliever and has proven to help pain drugs addicts, stop addiction to their prescriptions. Since I recommended this organic substance(CBD oil) to my loved one, her pain reduces drastically. 

    Thanks for this article. I hope it helps others get the solutions they desire.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I wasn’t sure how my article was going to be received by others. I am so glad to see others are finding the uses for CBD oil beneficial.

  6. I’ve had an interest in CBD for awhile now, but haven’t tried it yet. I used to smoke a lot of pot back in my high school and college days, but I can’t handle today’s stuff the same way I could handle what was available then. But with that said, I would like something natural that I can take for my sciatica and insomnia and this is probably as good as it gets. I’m definitely going to look into this further. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello, I have scrutinized your article. By reading this article I know about magical CBD oil.  One of my relatives said about natural CBD oil. But she did not understand me well. Through this article, I got a clear Idea about natural CBD oil.  I have some familiar people who get a lot of benefits from using it. I think everybody should try it.

    Thank you very much for sharing this helpful article. And best wishes for this wonderful oil.

    1. I appreciate you reading my article. I am glad I was able to explain the benefits of Natural CBD oil in a way that helped you. Best Regards!

  8. Hi I’ve once heard of this CBD oil buy not in details, reading this article has enlightened me the more. I never knew it is that effective. I should give it a try, the $100 is quiet reasonable and affordable for it functions. This is an eye opener, health is wealth.

    1. I definitely believe health is wealth! I have an affirmation I say… I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise. Believe it, Lol! Thank you for the comment.

  9. My mom LOVES CBD oil. She swears by it whenever she is in pain. I had a toothache the other day and I tried some. My toothache was completely gone within a few minutes, and did come back go quite a while, I was impressed. I haven’t ordered any myself yet but I am super excited to get some. I have been struggling with where to buy it. So thank you for you suggestions. I am excited to try them out! 

  10. CBD oil is certainly rising in popularity. My friends use this a lot and offer me some. I like to use CBD oil to ease my anxiety and help me more relaxed when I’m going to sleep. My mom also use it to ease her pain and relief her joint pain. I will certainly look into your offer. Maybe my friend also want to buy, so we buy it as a bulk 🙂

  11. Hey Cole,

    After reading your educative and valuable article, I learned a lot about Natural CBD Oil. This special oil of medicinal quality I read several times in the magazine. But I did not know that there are some other types of it. In fact, the name of Medix CBD Oil and Diamond CBD Oil I heard first. Actually, I have a lot of problems like your husband. Hopefully, I’ll be benefited if I use Diamond CBD Oil. I choose it because of the low percentage of THC. Thank you sincerely for the important article.

    Warm wishes,

  12. Hi Cole, kudos to you on this wonderful topic of review on CBD oil.Yes, I can boldly say CBD oils have become a popular choice for relieving the pain and helps with a myriad of ailments, problems, and diseases. Even all affiliate marketer are using this advantage to advertise his great product. I will say from my view none oil or product presently that can be compare to CBD oil which has numerous uses. I like CBD oil naturally because it reacts with your body and is non-intoxicating even when seems to use excessively as my grandma always use it. So does the company offers some training on their product marketing?

    1. The company does not offer training to market them but will give you guidelines to follow when marketing their products. 

  13. Thanks for writing this review on
    CBD oil. I must say I am really impressed with all I read in this review. I find this article educational. I know a lot about CBD oil. You can’t compare how pharmaceutical drugs work with CBD oil because I have used it many times and I know how it works compared to drug. 

    Like the saying health is wealth, there is no amount we spend on our health that is a waste as long as we are getting positive results. In that case, $100 is a reasonable price per bottle 

    1. I also thought the price was reasonable. I’ve seen crazy expensive prices for CBD oil, this one is not bad at all. Thanks for commenting.

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