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Have you ever thought about affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing has become popular among freelancers looking to generate passive income with their websites or blog. The trick to getting started is to find a hosting platform that best fits your needs.

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The Affiliate Marketing Model

A great platform is Affiliate Marketing which is a model that’s performance-based meaning a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer directed to their site by the affiliates marketing efforts. A marketer will earn a commission promoting company products or services.

The pay amounts vary at the companies’ discretion and can include a percentage of the sale, a flat rate for each lead, a rate for each lead that develops into a sell, and pay-per-click.

Online affiliate marketing has become a popular way of earning passive income while promoting your skills. This is not something to do in your spare time if you want to make real money or attract clients. You must be dedicated to your craft.

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This is not a get-rich-quick program. You will have to put in the time and effort to brand your site and your information.

People return to the sites with the most information they can trust. Your site is your calling card, you have to make it good.

BasicsTo Starting An Affiliate Site

Your first step is to create a website or a blog.

The second step is to choose an industry and a niche within that industry. Choose something you have a passion for doing. My passion is naturally healthy living; I find affiliates within that industry and select the products I want to research and promote them on my site.

Now, figure out what you are passionate about and research products related to that passion. Research if there is enough demand within that niche for it to be profitable. Most affiliates will offer campaigns for you to run promoting a particular product; like MaxBounty.

Next, start researching different affiliate program networks. My top choices are below:

  • Amazon – Free for website owners and bloggers. Advertise products from by creating links. Customers will click the links and buy products from Amazon, you earn a referral fee.
  • Rakuten – One of the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network on the Internet
  • Commission Junction – Has some of the highest-earning affiliate programs available.
  • eBay – Earn commission on eBay items that you promote on your websites

Each program will give you commission rates, terms and services, and a host of advertisers for you to choose in every industry.

The Wealthy Affiliates platform is designed to help you build your site, teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and give you the tools to jump-start your launch of a successful site. The platform I chose was Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing-The Platform

There are many platforms out there for affiliate marketing, the trick is finding the ones that are not a scam. That can take a lot of research and possibly a lot of money. The basic service package is free for most sites. If you are serious about being an affiliate marketer or displaying your freelancing skills the basic package will not do.

Wealthy Affiliate becomes an online business university for Premium members. You receive full access to their video training programs, 24/7 site support, a dedicated coach to answer your questions, and a forum for general questions.

The program offers 50% commission and has over 100k active members. Learn how to build and manage your own marketing website by clicking here!

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate was launched in 2005 as a platform designed for every skill level of the marketer; beginner to advanced. This program offers 52 live classes a year with step-by-step task-orientated training tutorials to keep you up to date on everything you need to know about this market. They have helped over 217k people start their own marketing website. I am one of them!

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Starter Membership is FREE, free to join, free to learn… free. This membership includes Live Chat, Personal Blog, 2 Websites and Hosting, Starter Training, and 30 Keyword searches per month.

Your Premium Membership is NOT free. Premium services are $49 a month, $19 to start if you join within the first 7 days of joining the program; you can cancel at any time. You can also pay a yearly amount of $359 and save a total of $205 in total. Premium Membership includes Live Chat, Personal Blog, Unlimited websites and hosting, Premium training courses, Unlimited keyword lists and searches, live video training, Expert forums, and 50% commission as their affiliate.

The program gives you full access to website analysis, site management, ranking, site rubix plus free SSL, and security features. Wealthy Affiliate provides a worldwide 24 hours support line and an average site speed of 1.3 seconds of load time.

The Fun Begins

The program provides a variety of courses for building a site from scratch without any real knowledge of how to build it.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a fully integrated domain platform capable of managing all your domains. The site domain is $13.99 per year with zero upsells; everything is included: full access to email, privacy and domain protection, and email accounts.

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The affiliate platform is capable of hosting a total of 50 sites managed and maintained with one program. Wealthy Affiliates runs a mirror site if for any reason your site goes down; this is called double hosting. This way your site is always running.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program has an active worldwide community. There are members on this site at all times, asking and answering questions, giving advice, asking for advice and at all hours. You will get help almost immediately! The people are friendly and always willing to help and share their knowledge.

The platform used at Wealthy Affiliate gives you step by step training video on how to build a site and a one-stop-shop for web hosting, domains, how to create content, how to build your audience, and promoting on social sites. Build your own website NOW, Click Here!

The Key To Success With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

The key is simple. Never give up. After about 3 months most people will stop if they have not gotten any hits. This is not a good decision. It takes a good 3 months or more to just get your site to look and run the way you want. Keep trying and believing in what you are doing. The universe will have to answer positively.

Turn your passion into a steady stream of income by becoming an affiliate marketer.

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Yes To Wealthy Affiliates

I would have to say YES to this program. I enjoy my membership and appreciate the feedback from other members on my site layout, content, among other things. If you ask for a critique, you will get an honest one. Several of them.

For you to begin making passive income online you only need to sign-up!

The Starter Membership is completely free! You have nothing to lose!

Learn how to build and manage your own marketing website by clicking here!

What have you heard about affiliate marketing? Share in the comments.

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